Welcome to the North

Experience Arctic wonders from Villa Säikkärä located north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland.

What is the Arctic Circle?

The Arctic Circle, located at 66.5 degrees north of the Equator, marks the beginning of a unique region that spans multiple countries. The diverse flora and fauna of the area have adapted to the challenging environment, including iconic species such as reindeer and ptarmigan. In addition, the majority of Finland’s indigenous Sámi people call the Arctic region their home.

Located on the
Arctic Circle

At the Arctic Circle, during December solstice, the sun doesn’t rise, marking the shortest day. Despite this, there’s still some light since the sun remains below the horizon. On the other hand, during June solstice, the sun never sets, resulting in the enchanting phenomenon known as the midnight sun, where the sun is visible for 24 hours due to the Earth’s tilt.

45 minutes from Rovaniemi airport

Land of clean water & fresh air

Clean air and water are some of the most precious gifts of Lapland. Unpolluted and pristine, the environment is perfect for anyone seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. The air is so fresh you can feel it in your lungs, and the water is pure enough to drink straight from the source. In fact, WHO has scientifically proven that the cleanest air in the world is in Finnish Lapland!

Experiences of the Arctic region

Reindeer and husky safari

Located in the heart of Lapland’s reindeer herding area, Villa Säikkärä is the ideal hub for a memorable husky and reindeer safari. With an estimated 200,000 reindeer in Lapland,  it is easy to see these world-famous animals up close. We can arrange a visit to a husky or reindeer farm to experience the world of these unique arctic animals.

Aurora Borealis

Come stay at our villa for a chance to witness the stunning Aurora Borealis. This natural light display, caused by the collision of charged particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, is best viewed in the clear, dark skies of Lapland. Our remote location ensures optimal viewing conditions.


An exciting snowmobiling adventure awaits you with the guidance of an experienced local. Through our partnerships, we can customize a snowmobiling experience that meets your preferences. Whether you seek the adrenaline rush of racing snowmobiles or a peaceful nature exploration on nearly silent e-snowmobiles, the choice is yours.

Snowshoes & Nordic skiing

Experience the picturesque winter landscape of the villa on skis or snowshoes at your leisure. Listen to the gentle rustling of the wind through the snow-covered trees, catch a glimpse of a white hare, or gracefully glide across the frozen lake. Our cordial staff is readily available to offer recommendations and assistance.

Christmas program

No visit to Lapland is complete without meeting the jolly gift-giver, Santa Claus. As the widely recognized hometown of Santa, Rovaniemi offers the perfect opportunity to meet Santa at our villa or to explore the magical world of Santa and his elves in and about Rovaniemi.

Your unique adventure at the Arctic Circle awaits