What to do in Säikkärä?

Lake activities under the midnight sun or track racing sport in winter?

In the wintertime, huskies, reindeer or snowmobiles take the Säikkärä guests through untouched snowy landscapes, and the waterways provide ice fishing experiences. In the summertime, you can trek in the nightless night of Lapland, row on the lake pulling in the fishing nets or angle off the jetty.

Once summer reaches its end, the lake invites you for some night fishing in the darkness of the night. Autumn time mushroom and berry picking excursions are ideal for admiring the colourful spectacle of the autumn “ruska” and sensing the fresh breezes of the approaching winter. Relaxing in the steam of the sauna, all the worries will be washed away and peace of mind will be achieved.

Summer activities

Fishing in midnight sun

  • Classic worm bait fishing
  • Spoon bait
  • Salmon row


Safari adventures

Winter activities

Snow mobile track racing

  • 22 Lynx adventure 600 ACE snowmobiles (2013)
  • No need for customers to bring extra clothing: Activity comes with full thermal body outfits from Scott, including everything from helmets to wool sock.

Reindeer and husky rides

Choice available from one hour to whole day programme.

Also available: car track racing, chauffeur services, snow-shoeing, hiking and plenty of other wellness and seasonal activities.

Arctic Ice Experiences

  • Dog sled or reindeer safaris
  • Evening with Santa Claus
  • Wilderness Hours with Lapp lunch
  • Snowmobile Tours in search of the Northern Lights
  • Night at Kota
  • Lapp Retreat

Fishing in winter

  • Ice fishing
  • Under-ice net fishing

Active Day Themes

  • Each activity can be individualised to your own specific tastes.